Jul 20, 2009

Bruce Lee: New Paradigm of Martial Art

Bruce Lee was a very famous Hollywood Actor. He was also a great Kung Fu Fighter. It is a pity he passed away unnaturally.

For the Western World, Bruce Lee introduced a new thing. It is how to use leg as a weapon in the fight. Before they know him, Western people always fight only with their hands.

For Eastern World, Bruce Lee introduced a new style in Kung Fu, Non Style Kung Fu. Before his appearance, Kung Fu Fighters always tied to a style. For example Snake Syle, Dragon Style, Tiger Style, and so on. He tought a form of fighting untied to style, but only concentrated on fighting techniques. For Kung Fu World, this is a new paradigm. One thing never exists before.

This is story of change done by Bruce Lee in Martial Art World. Hopefully, we could get benefit from his teaching.

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